The American Dream that started in New York and is being realized in Belgium.

A four-month stay in New York City opened a new, virtual world for me. This is where I learned about VR and the applications in their real estate market: the fact that prospects from all over the world could visit a penthouse in NYC without leaving their country made me wonder why some of us were still looking for a residence based on pictures, or trying to make an appointment in 3 weeks to visit the property.

The options and benefits are endless for all parties involved, which led me to implement this concept in Belgium and create Virtual Property Partners in order to do so.

With my vision on the future of real estate as a personal motivator, the New York work-ethic as a standard and customer satisfaction as my main goal, I’m helping Belgium’s leading real estate agents to build the real estate market of tomorrow.

Cedric Blanpain
Cedric Blanpain
Founder Virtual Property Partners